Medical & Healthcare IT division of ABG is one of the leading providers of healthcare products used for the screening, detection, treatment, monitoring and tracking of common medical ailments. Our mission is to improve patient care and quality of healthcare delivery by providing the best products and services quality clinically relevant innovation and simplicity. The best technology starts by reducing complexity, which enables you to be decisive, accurate, and thorough. ABG provides devices for each point of care. We are also a company that cares for you.

The Division covers service and supply for multiple areas of healthcare in Kuwait. Intelligent integration of modern technology with committed and efficient manpower is our key. ABG will take advantage of an rapid growth of market needs and will primarily focus its marketing strategies on offering services to the Ministry of health and private Hospital network to contribute their strive to build an updated healthy nation and health awareness.

ABG is preparing to go to another phase of business with the advantage of having come to an agreement with few of the innovative high tech medical equipment and service providers in the world. ABG W.L.L is a diversified organization, committed to the innovative healthcare system and delivered total solutions to public and private institutions in Kuwait and abroad. ABG is specialized in dealing with the import, supply and maintenance of medical, dental, laboratory, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, sterilization & disinfection & veterinary products as well as health & fitness equipments.

ABG is poised to sustain leadership position in the business with its ongoing initiatives on optimal projects strike rates. We look forward to pursuing its strategy on Medical & Healthcare IT and strategic tie-ups more vigorously.
Medical Division
ABG is a leading provider of healthcare services &products used for the screening, detection, treatment, monitoring and tracking of medical ailments. Our mission is to improve patient care and quality of healthcare delivery by providing the best services and products, clinically relevant, innovative with uncompromised quality. The best technology starts by reducing complexity, which enables one to be decisive, accurate, and thorough. ABG provides devices for each and every point of care. A company that pay attention to details and with a personal care.
The Division covers service and supply for multiple areas of healthcare in the State of Kuwait. Intelligent integration of modern technology with committed and efficient manpower is our key to success. ABG will take advantage of a rapid growth of market
needs and will primarily focus its marketing strategies on offering services to the Ministry of health Kuwait Oil Company hospitals and private Hospital network to contribute their strive to build an updated healthy nation and health awareness.
Company is entering into the second phase of business with the advantage of having come to an agreement with a few of the innovative high tech medical equipment and service providers in the world. ABG W.L.L is a diversified organization, committed to the healthcare system and delivers total solutions to public and private institutions in Kuwait. ABG is specialized company dealing with the import, supply and maintenance of medical, dental, laboratory, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, sterilization & disinfection & veterinary products as well as health & fitness equipments.
Our product line
Medical IT Medical Furniture
Cardiovascular Orthopaedic
ENT Neuro
Anaesthesia Urology
Laboratory General Surgery
Renal And Urology Nuclear medicine and imaging
Paediatrics Endocrinology
Gynaecology Endoscopic surgery
General Surgery Infection Control
Rehabilitation Clinical Laboratory and research
Our Business Partners
Delaware 19958, USA.
SR. Partners Country
1 Advantech Taiwan
3 ScImage INC USA
4 Advancis Surgical (Hemosep) UK
5 Kiran Medical Systems Ltd. India
6 Bastos Viegas Portugal
7 Stratus Tech Ireland
8 Medos Germany
9 Covision Orthopaedics UK
10 Medica S.P.A Italy
11 Demophorious Healthcare Cyprus
12 Aygun Surgical Instruments Turkey
13 Fortune MED Taiwan
14 KW Apparecchi Scientifici srl Italy
15 ASA Dental Italy
16 Unimed China
17 EBNeuro Italy
18 Alliant Healthcare USA
19 Medco USA
20 SES International Ltd. UK
21 Unicmed China
22 LüllauEngineering Germany
23 Optika Italy
24 H&O Equipments - CryoPen Belgium
25 Sigma Germany
26 Safe Shield India
27 Shelly medical Imaging Techonologies Canada
28 VitalHealth India
Medical & Healthcare IT
  Advantech:  .
The Advantech Medical Computing provides wide ranging medical computing solutions for ultrasound, surgery CT, MRI, X-Ray, etc. Our medical computing systems meet customer needs from board to full medical system integration, from ultrasound to surgery, from mobile server to control system.
  Nexsan Corporation provides a comprehensive range of enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient system solutions that offer customers the ultimate value proposition when it comes to meeting their ever-evolving storage
requirements. Our hardware and software products uniquely combine the benefits of cost-effective performance, power and space efficiency, density, ease of use, outstanding scalability and unmatched reliability to provide Highly Efficient Storage (HES) performance and functionality.
  Nexsan storage solutions are ideal for a broad range of applications— including fixed content storage and archiving, email, medical imaging, compliance and litigation support, disk-based backup, digital video security and rich media, as well as tier-1 database applications. And while Nexsan’s RAID, ATA and SATA disk technologies can handle the storage needs of companies of all sizes, Nexsan’s products are particularly suited for medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations. In addition, all Nexsan products use “green” AutoMAID® energy-
saving technology, making them the smart choice for low power consumption and space-constrained environments.
Nexsan provides worldwide assistance with installation, configuration, software support, warranty and repair for all Nexsan products through our Technical Services Group. This group helps you reduce your total cost of ownership through efficient and effective system deployment, service, and maintenance. To ensure you have the best possible support, Nexsan regional support centers are staffed by Senior Field Application Engineers who can provide telephone support, ship replacement components and provide onsite professional services if required. The specific level of support available is dependent upon the service options you choose. Our engineers undertake continuous training to stay current on the latest in IT environments and storage architectures. Nexsan are also a member of the Technical Support Alliance, a consortium of technology companies who have joined together to co-operatively resolve cross vendor issues. All of Nexsan’s regional support centres are linked by state of the art communication and call tracking systems for seamless support no matter where you are located.
  ScImage is an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 company. ScImage thrive on delivering world class technologies, applications and services for the health imaging enterprise with innovative quality management processes.
ScImage’s mission is to carry on success, as measured customers: ScImage maintains extraordinary customer retention through our “One customer at a time” principle ScImage endeavour to engineer, modify  implementation, until it’s done to the customer’s satisfaction.
In support of our commitment to providing advanced imaging and informatics technologies in healthcare, ScImage continues to invest over 35 % of income in product research and development.
Born from an intriguing concept, a degree of technical acumen and a sense of adventure.
ScImage’s image engineering acumen initially sent ScImage on divergent paths. First product released in 1993 provided qualitative and quantitative assessment for Coronary Calcium Scoring. This “NetraMD” Workstation was private labelled and resold by Electron Beam and traditional CT vendors alike.

In 1995, simple advances in storage technologies led ScImage into a new realm for healthcare: Digital Angiography as a replacement for cine film ubiquitous in cath labs. ScImage’s initial venture into cardiology PACS was sold by a major cardiology company and was known as AngioComm. In the year 2000, ScImage quickly embraced web standards, creating the first web-technology based, multi-department PACS, while simultaneously launching what would become the industry’s first Cloud PACS – PicomOnline.

Today, ScImage is specifically focused on providing extraordinary, cutting edge products for enterprise imaging and reporting in healthcare; with particular expertise in radiology, cardiology, obstetrics, pathology and other healthcare related Technologies.
All of our Enterprise Imaging solutions are available in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), per-procedure model or traditional purchase.
Enterprise IT solutions speak more to the underlying engine and processes than the user-facing applications. It may be something you expect in your future PACS or something to help revive your current installation, whether it's a ScImage product, or your other favorite vendor.
You can trust ScImage to make IT work for you.

Consolidated PACS Worklist
When you’re looking for a solution to address the challenges of reading for multiple contract facilities with different vendor's PACS at each site, look to ScImage as the PACS consolidation expert. ScImage have provided virtual centralized reading and reporting for over 150 facilities nationwide. 
EHR / EMR Content Management
Your EHR represents a significant investment as an aggregator of your patients' records and as a single point of access for your clinical community. ScImage can help you complete the picture with our zero-install, secure image presentation technology, to link your PACS and EMR. Whatever your needs, ScImage has solutions.
Advancis Surgical
Advancis Medical, which is now one of the leading international medical wound care companies, focusing on marketing the developments Brightwake has inspired.
Hemosep offers a significant number of clinical benefits when utilised for intraoperative cell salvage:   The Hemosep consumables are available as the following:
  Patient receives their own blood back
  Decreased need for blood transfusion
  Decreased blood loss
  Maintenance of platelet population
  Reduction in inflammatory molecules
  Reduced risk of contamination or reaction
  Reduction in donor demand
  Improved patient recovery
  Preservation of normal clotting function
  Reduction in post-operative complications
  Hemosep Shaker device
  Concentrator kit
  Spike applicator
  Intraoperative Suction Wand and Tubing
  Intraoperative Suction Wand -Single
  Intraoperative Blood Reservoir and Internal Pump
  Intraoperative Kit consisting of: Wand, Spare Wand, Tubing, Blood Reservoir and Internal Pump
Cardiac Application & Intraoperative application
Haemoconcentration has been conducted for many years, either during an operative procedure, or more commonly on the residual blood left in the CPB system at its termination, to concentrate the blood cells prior to re-administration to the patient.The Hemosep cell salvage device can be utilised to ultra-filtrate residual blood following the termination of the CPB system. This approach reduces the need for donor blood and associated products, therefore reducing the risks associated with donor blood. To collect the blood left in the heart lung machine, the Hemosep concentrator bag can simply be  
connected to the tubing below the reservoir for gravity fill applications, or connected to the tubing above the reservoir to pump blood directly into the Hemosep concentrator bag
  The use of the Hemosep intraoperative device presents a wealth of application possibilities, with the inclusion of the intraoperative suction tool and blood reservoir the device could be used during any blood loss procedure. Using the suction tool, blood can be aspirated directly from the surgical site into the blood reservoir, where it is then pumped directly into the Hemosep concentrator bag for processing.
Bastos Viegas
  Bastos Viegas is the main Portuguese producer and supplier of Non Active Medical Devices. The objective of the company is the production of articles with consistent high quality and based in European production. The company products are in over 80 countries distributed by the 6 continents and cover a very significant part of
the need of the international market. The company produces the most varied types of surgical sets, from the small ambulatory surgery to surgical draping sets, of catheterization, anesthesia, as well as big surgical sets for specific operations.The company developed a corporate image for its products, creating and international brand, which, is exported today regularly to 80 countries, distributed by the 5 continents.
  Drapes & Gowns   Protection Material
  General Care   NON-Woven Dressings
  Elastic Bandages   First Aid
  Hygiene Disinfection &Incontinence   Sets
  Tubular Bandages   Surgical Procedure Sets
  Sterilization Material   Plastics
  Gauze Dressings   Other Products
Kiran Medical Systems Ltd.
Kiran’s products are made with precision and responsibility at our state-of-the-art testing facilities. Each of our products meets and exceeds international quality standards an ISO certified company with all our products certified under the CE & FDA.
  Lead & Non-Lead Apparel
  Sterile Radiation Shields
  Sterile Radiation Gloves
  CT Shields
  Anti-Scatter Grids
Kiran’s Products proprietary materials are the light-weight , the lead-free  , and our leaded material , along with the covering health fabric, all used to create apparel using our state of the art covering health fabrics. All our materials offer the same level of protection
360-degree lead-free protection
Kiran’s innovation is an unmatched range of disposable lead-free radiation protection gloves that provide the highest possible protection.
Round-the-clock uptime assurance and99.999% Uptime -critical applications

Keeping your applications running is the heart of what Stratus does — which is why stratus built support right into the center of Stratus fault-tolerant servers and ftScalable storage. Layered over our unique system architecture is software that continuously monitors the status and health of your Stratus environment. Using a real-time connection to Stratus' 24/7 global support team, your system notifies us of the status of hundreds of critical conditions. In the event of a potential problem, your system self-heals, asks for remote analysis, or utilizes Stratus’s architecture's

fault-tolerant features to eliminate failing modules without skipping a beat.

Advance high-availability software leverages these same built-in serviceability principles, monitoring your server pair, host software and network for more than 150 critical operating conditions. If a fault is detected, applications are automatically migrated to the other node — without any impact of performance or loss of data. Our advance software support service backs this unique built-in serviceability with 24/7 coverage that ensures timely incident resolution, quality fixes and prompt attention to routine support requests and maintenance updates.

  Sixth-generation Stratus® ftServer® systems deliver affordable continuous availability, comprehensive data protection and up to four times the performance of previous ftServer generations. Powered by multi-core Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel Quick Path Architecture, the ftServer 2700, 4700, and6400 models feature Microsoft® Windows Server® and Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, operating environments.
These industry- standard, fault-tolerant servers eliminate the operational complexity and high costs inherent in other solutions.
Priced below comparable cluster solutions, the entry-level 2700 model features a compact design that combines economic value with lights-out management. It’s an ideal choice for volume deployment at remote locations — or as a fault-tolerant replacement for ordinary, standalone servers.

The ftServer 4700 brings businesses a full and flexible solution for dedicated business processing. The system leverages Intel® Quick Path technology with integrated high-speed memory controllers and interconnects that boost system performance, bandwidth, and reliability. These design enhancements are complemented by the availability, performance, and security features offered by the operating systems.

Medos Medizintechnik AG is a leading German medium-sized high-tech medical device company that develops products for cardiac surgery and peripheral applications, manufactures and distributes worldwide. Medos focuses on the continuous development of innovative therapeutic solutions for cardiac surgeons and perfusionists.

deltastream ® System
hilite ® oxygenators
medos ® cannulas
medos ® tubing sets
medos ® hemofilter
medos ® connectors
medos ® ™


Medos offers a comprehensive product portfolio complete solutions for cardiac surgery applications. Our goal is to further expand and make available to our customers innovative therapeutic solutions.
All Medos products are developed both in Germany, as also manufactured at two production locations in Germany. Also in the selection of our suppliers, we place great emphasis on high quality products from Germany, applies to all our main suppliers: "Made in Germany".

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery  

The heart surgical treatment of coronary heart disease (CHD) provides despite all the advances of catheter-interventional therapy continues proven quality benefits, particularly in stable coronary heart disease, which is also evident in the current joint guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (EACTS) reflects.

COVISION Orthopaedics
A global orthopaedic medical device company specializing in design, manufacture, and marketing of reconstructive joint and trauma devices.  Covision's product offerings include large joint implants for hip and knee; trauma implants.  
Troy Polished Cemented Femoral Stem
Calcar Replacement (CRP) Cemented Hip Prosthesis
Straight Cemented Femoral Stem
Troy Pressfit / HA Coated Cementless Femoral Stem
Troy Porous & HA Coated Cementless Femoral Stem
Troy ZW Cementless Femoral Stem
Modular Heads
Bi-Polar Cup System
Uni-Polar Head System
Cemented Acetabular Cup System
Troy Cementless Acetabular Cup System
Hipex Cementless Acetabular Cup System
Cable & Trochanteric Grip System

Fu2ion Low Profile Pedicle Screw Spinal System
Fu5ion Cervical Plate And Screw System
Fu5ion Peek Cage System
Bone Cements
COFIX 1 - Standart Viscosity
COFIX 3 - Low Viscosity
COFIX 1 Genta - Bone Cement
COFIX 3 Genta - Bone Cement

Radial Head Prosthesis
Humerus Percutaneous Pining System
Clavicle Intramedullary Fracture System
Epiphysiodesis Plate (Eight Plate)

External Fixators
Circular Fiksator Frame
Dynamic Axial Fixator
Limb Lengthning Fixator
Small Dynamic Axial Fixator
Pelvic Fixator
Limb Reconstruction Fixator
Wrist Fixator
4G Femoral Intramedullary Nail System
4G Tibial Intramedullary Nail System
4G Retrogarde Intramedullary Nail System
Small Fragment Plate
1/3 Tubular Plate
Clavicular Plate
Proxmal Humerus Plate
Humerus Distal Medial Plate
Humerus Distal Lateral Plate
Oblique T Plate
Metaphyseal Plate
Reconstruction Plate
Olecrenon Plate
Tibial Distal Plate
Coronoid Plate
Pilon Plate
Fibula Plate
Femur Proxsimal Lateral Plate
Broad Plate
T Plate
L Buttress Plate
Femur Distal Plate
Low Contact Femur Proxsimal Lateral Plate
Tibia Distal Lateral Plate
Tibia Proxsimal Lateral Plate
2.7 mm Locking Screws
3.5 mm Locking Screws
5 mm Locking Screws
Locking Cable Button
Locking Spacer
Dynamic Hip System (DHS)
Dynamic Condyle System (DCS)

St.Leger Neo Total Knee Prosthesis


MEDICA offers you an incomparable Products supporting programme with practical information, forums for the exchange of ideas as well as events for training and further education.  
  Electromedicine, medical technology, operating equipment, medical furniture
  Laboratory equipment
  Rescue equipment, emergency medicine
  Physiotherapy, orthopaedic technology
  Single use and consumables
  Information and communication technology
  Medical services and publications
Demophorious Healthcare
Demotek high quality blood bags are suitable for the collection of blodd and blood components and for the filtration of leukocytes from the whole blood, red cells, and platelet products. Demotek bags are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure safety reliability as well as excellent product quality.

Traditionally Styled bags are available in one solution (CPDA) or two solutions (CPD and SAG-M) Top-and-bottom process bags are available with two solutions, CPD and SAG-M while various combinations exist.

Demotek blood bags give its customers maximum flexibility while guaranteeing product traceability, multiple format combinations and individual packaging for optimal safety.  
  Single blood bag
  Double blood bag
  Triple blood bag
  Quadruple blood bag
  Blood bags with filter
  Cord blood bags
Aygun Surgical Instruments Co. Inc

Aygün Surgical Instruments is a ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturer, designer and the patent holder of the many products with its developed research and development basis.

  A long-leading growing company in medical devices, especially with full devotion in most bio-compatible material. Silicone polymer and titanium, Fortune medical has created its excellent reputation in medical device all over the world.
Silicone Medical Tube
® Fortune® Silicone Medical Tube can be used in various applications: drainage, catheterization, air circulation, fluid circulation, injection, blood transfusion, I.V. injection, and treatment of blood circulation. The tube is made of medical grade silicone with characteristics of long shelf life, low stimulation, non-toxic, tasteless and odourless. Besides, the strong silicone-oxygen chemical structure of silicone provides other particular properties:

Applications: drainage, catheterization, air circulation, fluid circulation, injection, blood transfusion, I.V. injection, and treatment of blood circulation. The tube is made of medical grade silicone with Characteristics of long shelf life, low stimulation, non-toxic, tasteless and odourless. Besides, the strong silicone-oxygen chemical structure of silicone provides other particular properties:
Temperature Resistance
Silicone Wound Drainage System
  100% Silicone for great biocompatibility and fast recovery
  Post-operative wound drainage can be safe and easy.

Made  of  100%  medical  grade  silicone,  FortuneMed provides  a  complete  line  of  C.W.V.  (closed  wound
vacuum)  Reservoirs,  Drains,  Trocars  and  Collection Bags for different surgical applications.

® Silicone C.W.V. Reservoir
  Collection Bag
  Silicone Flat Drain
  Round Drain
  Silicone Vac Drain
  Silicone Endo Drain
  Endo Connector
ASA Dental

Asa Dental is a global company in terms of spirit as well as in practice, with an inclusive, far from exclusive view of the world. This is why Asa Dental places at the heart of everything not itself, but an idea: MAKE PEOPLE SMILE.

  Diagnostic-Leonardo Line
  Laboratory Instruments
  Magic colour

KW Apparecchi cientifici srl

The company was founded in 1953; and the two adjectives cold/hot, kalt/warm gave birth to the company’s acronym KW. The founding members added “Officine Meccaniche “ (Mechanical Workshop) to the acronym which means a workshop that constructs appliances for cold or hot, based on electromechanical technologies.


Blue Line


Blood Line

  Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers
  IFM & ICM Ice Flake Production Series
  Freezer containers & accessories
  Data Management and Visualization Software
  System for web Supervision refrigeration units with controllers
  Vertical Refrigerators-Freezers
  Antibacteria Solutions
  Blood Bank KLAB-BBR
  Plasma Freezers
  Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
  Biological Banks HPL/HPLL
  Rapid Freezer for Plasma
  Plasma & Stel Cell Thawer
  Incubators WR-Kap (Platelet incubator/agitator)
Unimed Medical Supplies, Inc

UNIMED Medical Supplies Inc. is a professional provider of patient monitor accessories. It specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, as well as sales and services of a wide range of medical products. Established since 2004, UNIMED headquarters in the Shekou area of Shenzhen, which is regarded as the ‘silicon valley’ of the China’s medical electronics industry.

Aiming to become the full solution provider of medical accessories and supplies, UNIMED dedicates itself to supplying the high quality products & services to the customers from all over the world. The motto of ‘To serve the customers with full heart and care’ has been the central guideline of the company’s operation since its birth. Meanwhile, in UNIMED highly regard the values of ‘Respect, Inclusiveness, Health and Credibility’in daily conduct, which, over the time, have developed to be the cornerstones of the company’s culture. With the proven professionalism, global perspectives, as well as the down-to-earth attitude in what UNIMED do, they are confident and aspired to continue growing the company as one of the world leading medical cable providers.
Patient monitoring Accessories
  Spo2 sensors and cables
  Monitoring ECG cables and lead wires
  BP cuffs and air hoses
  Fetal transducers

Oxygen sensors

  Pulse Oximeter TuffSat

EBNeuro is a company devoted to design, manufacture, worldwide supply and support of Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Clinical Research products and services. The remarkable innovative and qualitative contents of devices are reconfirmed by validity verifications and by financial support releases for various Industrial Research projects from Scientific and Technological Research Ministry and from the Industrial Ministry Funds for Technological Innovation.

EBNeuro is totally committed to grant a very good Service and Quality and it is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
The quality standard required for medical devices and the compliance to safety rules play a significant role in our mission; all products are kept at high quality level, in order to obtain and maintain the Certification such as the CE mark (93/42/CEE and 2007/47CEE directive). Range of products covers various fields, and includes units for:


Digital Electroencephalograph


Electromyography and Evoked Potentials


Ambulatory Recordings


Polisomnograpy and sleep Analysis


Video EEG


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator

Cardiology, Uro-gastroenterology & Urology

Urology rehabilitation System


Manometry for Gasrtoenterology


Rest ECG systems


Stress Test ECG


ECG Holter recorders

ECG - Technical Characteristic EASY ECG acquisition Module

Isolated preamplifier in accordance with IEC601-1 rules


Simultaneous 12 leads ECG acquisition


Integrated defibrillator protected


USB / Bluetooth® port connection


CE0470 mark

Alliant Healthcare

Alliant Healthcare products is an ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets products for the global healthcare market.

 Alliant is a respected and successful provider of products and market innovations, through the Surge Cardiovascular product line as well as through OEM contracts.


Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannulae with Sure-Touch®  Handle

  Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannulae
  Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannulae with ultra Sof-TipTm & Sure-Touch® Handle
  Retrograde Cardioplegia Cannulae with ultra Sof-TipTm
  Antegrade Cardioplegia Cannulae
  Vessel Cannulae
  Cardiac Suckers
  Perfusion Sets
  Cardiovascular Surgery Accessories
  Temperature Sensing Foley Catheter Kits
  Adult & Pediatric

The Alliant Medical Device Manufacturing business is a critical component to the overall success of the company and speaks to the company capabilities specifically related to compliance, process tracking, and control.

MEDCO Manufacturing

Medco Manufacturing is the leader in the plastic surgery and liposuction manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Medco’s liposuction equipment, liposuction machines, liposuction tubing, and other cosmetic surgery equipment are used worldwide by countless doctors and hospitals. Medco’s tumescent tubing is of the highest quality and is compatible with whatever system are being used currently.

Medco also manufacture tumescent pumps, infusion pumps, infiltration pumps, infiltration tubing, and other infiltration systems. Liposuction Tubing, liposuction cannulas, infiltration tubing, liposuction compression garments and other plastic surgery equipment or products.

SES International Ltd.

SES International Ltd. With it’s revolutionary product SharpsbalsterTM has brought in an environment friendly safe & cost effective method of waste disposal. SharpsbalsterTM is a self contained , CE marked desktop solution.

The Sharpsblaster™ desktop system puts the waste producer in control, on site. It has been designed to ensure safety, ease of operation, and full regulative compliance. Its many innovative features include...
  The smart Sharpsblaster™ is a clever technology that self monitors throughout the decontamination process
  Many safety features keep the operator in safe control of their processing waste
  Noise and odour free
  Easy to operate requiring little staff training
  The LCD screen displays exactly where the unit is running during the process
  Once the process has commenced, the unit locks and denies the operator access to the waste
  Units unlocks only when the processed sharps box is cool enough to handle
  Dedicated print out labels used in conjunction with the facility log book provide waste tracking audit
  Automatic filter change reminder
  Filter designed so that it may be processed in the sharps box
  Easy paper roll replacement
  Comprehensive Operations Manual
  Dual voltage compatibility
Manufacturing Facility

The Sharpsblaster™ is being manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with the latest technology for quality control and testing. Utmost care is taken to ensure that each Sharpsblaster™ unit meets the most stringent quality and safety norms. The production facility is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 specifications and has a manufacturing reputation second to none.


The Sharpsblaster™ waste decontamination process is extremely simple to operate. The dry heat system decontaminates the waste at 180° C. Once the filled Sharpsblaster™ sharps box is placed in the Sharpsblaster™ and the latch closed the system commences. It locks the unit preventing access to the Sharpsblaster™ until the process is complete and the sharps box is cool enough to be safely handled. At the completion of each process, 2 dedicated labels are printed, these are recorded in the facility log book and on the processed sharps box. The decontaminated waste is suitable for safe disposal.

UNICMED specializes in supplying high quality medical products from China to all parts of the world.  Products lines include; Apparel, Diagnostic, Medical & Surgical, Respiratory, Urology, and Wound care. Unicmed’s customer base includes Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Unicmed focuses on the medical equipment market to find world class products. This enables us to provide the highest quality combined with the best possible pricing to provide outstanding value to our customers. Unicmed uses expertise to recommend the best products for our customer’s application and has strict quality control on products from feature enhancements to packaging.
























Laulla Engineering
H&O Equipments - Cryo Pen

The CryoPen Cryosurgical System is the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in the field of cryosurgery, using linear compression cooling technology that does not require handling of dangerous cryogenic gases and liquids. CryoPen, Inc. was created because of their belief in the importance of connecting the needs of the medical world with the expanse of engineering knowledge. Strive to focus on the development of medical products using the age-old medical passage.

Accurate spray technique will avoid treatment of health tissue around the lesion. NO discomfort for patients.

  Treatment easily fits to every lesion, regardless of shape or size.
  Innovative concept for easy integration in daily practice
  NO preparation, NO anesthesia, NO follow-up necessary
  Facilitates rapid, easy, low cost treatment, everyday !

CryoPen instruments are very safe and practical solutions for accurate skin lesion treatment in medical practice. They are an excellent offer for all doctors who care for quality.

Not only in dermatology practice. Plastic surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, ENT specialists, podiatrists, family doctors and many others will enjoy the use of CryoPen instruments.

Shelly Imaging Techonologies

SHELLEY Medical Imaging Technologies is internationally recognized as a leader in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality, precise and highly accurate

  Programmable physiological blood flow pump simulators, multi-modality (MRI, CT, ultrasound and PIV).
  Programmable single and multi-axis MRI compatible motion platforms, multi-modality (MRI, CT, PET & ultrasound).
  Programmable DCE-Perfusion Phantoms (MRI, CT & PET)
  Anatomically correct dynamic heart & vascular phantoms, multi-modality (MRI, CT, ultrasound and PIV).
  Performance evaluation phantoms for MRI, CT, micro-CT, X-Ray and ultrasound applications.
  Blood mimicking fluids, ultrasound, MRI and endovascular applications

Custom designed silicone and PVA anatomic model service.  Shelley Medical can create patient-specific or custom designed silicone and PVA anatomic models from your 3-D data.  STL files are preferred, but we have the ability to convert quality imaging data to STL files.  A stomach model is shown.

  Custom silicone, PVA & agar vascular model service.  Shelley Medical can create patient-specific or custom designed silicone and PVA vascular models from your 3-D data.  STL files are preferred, but we have the ability to convert quality imaging data to STL files.  A 'patient-specific' Total Cavo-pulmonary Connection (TCPC) model is shown
  Custom MRI compatible or multi-modality motion stages design and manufacturing service. Shelley Medical can design and manufacture multi-axis motion stages to address your specific needs.
Our HIS partner is Vital Health

VitalHealth Software  was founded as a joint-venture by the Mayo Clinic (USA) and the Noaber Foundation(Netherlands). The objectives of VitalHealth Software are to deliver both economic as well as social return. The Mayo Clinic, an  internationally recognized top clinical institute, provides VitalHealth with clinical knowledge and is an early adopter of the VitalHealth products. The Noaber Foundation is a Dutch institution that focuseson social venturing in the healthcare IT sector.

VitalHealth is a  Research and  Development driven leading provider of innovative information  management solutions that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations. VitalHealth drives organizational performance by  combining enterprise-class reliability and scalability with next generation technologies and best practices, empowering growing organizations to stay ahead of the technology curve. VitalHealth’s patient-centric architecture complements the  unique needs of healthcare enterprises  without disrupting existing workflows. Product and service offerings are highly adaptable to changing healthcare and technology trends and are designed to generate significant financial benefit for our clients. Established in 2006 by the founder and current CEO Laurens van Der Tang, VitalHealth Software is headquartered in Netherlands with growing operations in the USA, Europe, Middle East and India.

Social engagement

VitalHealth Software uses its IT solution to contribute to an effective treatment of chronic diseases, an objective which has been inspired by a sense of social responsibility, given form in an entrepreneurial manner. Medical professionals throughout the world are supported by practical protocols, which they  can integrate directly into their daily routine. VitalHealth Software is making the platform for this available, and provides value add as a supplier of medical content and services. For and by medical professionals VitalHealth Software is not focusing on the support of organizational and administrative functions within healthcare, but directly at supporting medical specialists, with the emphasis on treatment processes.

VitalHealth Software’s Advisory Board accordingly  consists of leading physicians from the United States and the Netherlands.  In addition, it cooperates closely with the associations of specialists and family practitioners, patients, insurers, umbrella organizations and national governments from various countries around the world. Optimization of the whole chain VitalHealth Software’s solution makes relevant information available to all professionals involved in this chain, from physicians, nurses, dieticians and medical specialists to laboratory assistants and the patients themselves.

Every client is treated with the same personalised approach:
 We provide medical equipment to meet your needs.

We are not just your preferred medical supplies provider - We are your partner. Advanced Business Group’s operations are focused on harnessing its unique product offering to achieve its company Mission of, “actively participating in and contributing to the creation of a healthier society, through the provision of integrated healthcare.”
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